Dr. Bulugu biography ,Dr Peter Bulugu,M.D was born in 1987 in Dodoma, Tanzania. He is a self-taught painter. And he started showing interests in drawing since childhood. Currently he lives and working as a full time artist at his own gallery in Nungwi,North region,Zanzibar.

He went to medical school in Dar es salaam,Tanzania. And graduated in 2014. He worked in a medical field as a doctor  for one year and then decided to become a full time artist when he opened his gallery in Zanzibar.

Since then he has been displaying his artworks in exhibitions in various hotels in Zanzibar.Being a self-taught artist he has been working hard and become among the well known artists in Zanzibar by his unique portraits of nature.

My Work

I create mostly with acrylic and canvas, but also work in various other media.
Everything is handcrafted our of my home/studio/office.